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Firewalls are the first defense line for the networking services and applications. With the advent of virtualization and Cloud Computing, the explosive growth of network-based services, investigations have emphasized the limitations of conventional firewalls. However, despite of being impressively significant to improve security, cloud-based firewalling(More)
The future Internet is a term commonly related to research topics on new architecture for Internet. In fact, the Internet of tomorrow will rely on virtualization and cloud networking, which open the door for new security threats and attacks and address many problems related to identification, authentication, secure data transfer, and privacy in virtual(More)
A Distributed Denial-of-Service attack is an attempt to prevent legitimate users from accessing information or services. In fact, it is a battle of resources between the defender and the attacker. Hence, in order to deal with the denial of services, the proposed mitigation tools are mainly based on the philosophy of Cloud computing which relies on sharing(More)
The exponential growth of the Internet and the diversity of services delivered to the end users, such as Cloud computing, have catalyzed researches on new generation networks. Hence, several proposals have been made to change the network applications and Internet media; in particular network virtualization is in the center of research interest. It is widely(More)
Today, several sectors are demanding the track of their objects to improve the efficiency and reliability of the system. RFID technology enables an automatic identification of objects attached to RFID tags via radio waves and allows reading or writing data without physical contact between an RFID reader and a tag. The main engine of RFID development is the(More)
The Cloud computing model is considered as a very promising internet-based computing platform, the resources it provides to create virtual machines are rarely used to manage security. Researchers used this power in a new way, in order to offer new security services based on Cloud paradigm to copc with threats such as DDOS (Distribute Denial Of Service)(More)
Nowadays, NFC technology is used in contactless payment applications by offering the NFC payment functionality in credit/debit cards, smartphones and payment terminals. Thus, an NFC payment transaction is executed in a simple and practical way. EMV is the security protocol for both contact and contactless payment systems. However, during an EMV payment(More)
Recent advances in information technology make remote collaboration and resource sharing easier for next generation of distributed systems. The Intercloud is an interconnection system of several cloud provider infrastructures that allows the dynamic coordination of the deployment of applications and the distribution of the load across multiple data centers.(More)
The security of virtual environments is a major issue for the deployment of the use of the Cloud. Unfortunately, these environments are composed of a set of already existing technologies used in a new way, many security solutions are only traditional reconditioned solutions to solve the Cloud and virtual networks security issues. The work done in this(More)