Fotis Stamatelopoulos

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We propose a cooperative intrusion detection framework focused on countering Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks through the introduction of a distributed overlay early-warning network. Our goal is to minimize the detection and reaction time and automate responses, while involving as many networks as possible along the attack path. The proposed(More)
This paper is motivated by the increasing need for scaleable, distributed management architectures for integrated network, system and application management within the enterprise network environment. Such integration, extension and wide area deployment of management functionality impose heavy performance requirements, in direct conflict with the increased(More)
In this paper we present an inter-domain cooperative infrastructure against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks. The infrastructure is established between the networks that choose to participate. A software system, the Cooperative IDS Entity, is deployed at each participating domain. The main operational characteristics of this Entity and of the(More)
We present a distributed architectural framework for Primary Health Care (PHC) Centres. Distribution is handled through the introduction of the Roaming Electronic Health Care Record (R-EHCR) and the use of local caching and incremental update of a global index. The proposed architecture is designed to accommodate a specific PHC workflow model. Finally, we(More)
— Denial of Service Attacks have evolved to be one serious threat for Internet activities. Their massive, distributed, and hard to trace nature makes them impossible to be countered by the efforts of a single site. This paper presents an inter-domain infrastructure that aims to coordinate detection and response to such attacks. The main building block of(More)
We identify simple and effective traffic source models for ATM performance modelling. In our experiments, we examine whether traditional Markov chains the are an adequate model of MPEG variable bit rate video data, as far it concerns prediction of Quality of Service measures. In this context, we measure the quality of such source models by how well they(More)
In an attempt to improve overall performance in distributed enterprise management architectures we propose a caching model and the related interaction semantics and update policies. Our work is motivated by the increasing need for scalable, distributed architectures for integrated management within the enterprise network scale. The integration of network,(More)
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