Fotis Psomadellis

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In this paper, we describe the PERFORM system for the continuous remote monitoring and management of Parkinson's disease (PD) patients. The PERFORM system is an intelligent closed-loop system that seamlessly integrates a wide range of wearable sensors constantly monitoring several motor signals of the PD patients. Data acquired are pre-processed by advanced(More)
OBJECTIVE To survey end-user opinions on dental digital sensor characteristics for the design of a new X-ray imaging sensor. MATERIALS AND METHODS 100 questionnaires were sent out to dentists and dental radiologists. The questionnaire consisted of six parts related to dental sensors. A: Details about the respondent; B: Prioritization of most important(More)
I-ImaS (Intelligent Imaging Sensors) is a European project aiming to produce real-time adaptive X-ray imaging systems using Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS) to create images with maximum diagnostic information within given dose constraints. Initial systems concentrate on mammography and cephalography. In our system, the exposure in each image region(More)
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