Fotis Paraskevopoulos

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The current existence and continuous introduction of new social networks, provide a constant growth of the available information which can be used to create richer user profiles. Due to the disparity of this information centralized approaches to generate user models result in complex systems which can adapt with difficulty to the constant reshaping of(More)
The demo paper describes the Creative User Centric Inspirational Search, which aims to leverage user inspiration in information seeking activities. CRUISE is an interactive exploratory search tool that combines diversification of content and sources with a user interface design that visualizes cues from the social chatter generated with microblogging(More)
We present a system designed with the aim to facilitate the social creativity processes underlying creative research. It provides asynchronous and synchronous facilities for multi-user interaction while leveraging creativity with computational tools for inspirational search, inspirational clue generation and problem solving advice. Initial evaluation with a(More)
In this paper we outline work in progress for the development of a recommender system for open source software development communities that takes into account information from multiple sources. Specifically our approach combines latent semantics of contributed information artifacts with quantitative metrics that indicate developer activity.
Modern software development is highly knowledge intensive; it requires that software developers create and share new knowledge during their daily work. However, current software development environments are “syntactic”, i.e. they do not facilitate understanding the semantics of software artefacts and hence cannot fully support the knowledge-driven(More)
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