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With increasingly higher numbers of non­English language web searchers the problems of efficient handling of non­English Web documents and user queries are becoming major issues for search engines. The main aim of this review paper 1 is to make researchers aware of the existing problems in monolingual non­English Web retrieval by providing an overview of(More)
This paper presents the open learner modelling capabilities offered by an adaptive web testing tool. Adaptation decisions are based on user customizable compound rules requiring the identification of several learner characteristics which are then displayed graphically and textually to learners and educators. The open learner modelling capabilities include(More)
Searching the web is a common activity of web users. English and non-English speakers utilize international or local search engines so as to satisfy their information needs. Most of the attempts at evaluation of search engines focus on English queries and on English document collections. In this paper an evaluation methodology is presented and the(More)
This paper presents an adaptive Web testing system where the adaptation of the testing procedure relies on the performance, the prior knowledge and the goals and preferences of the test participants. The main aim of the paper is to discuss the utility of the adaptive assessment tool. Therefore, the paper presents the authoring process of a number of(More)
This workshop attempted to promote the discussion and the research on non-English Web searching. Most search engines were first built for English. They do not take full account of inflectional semantics nor, for example, diacritics or the use of capitals. Our main aim was to discuss the additional problems faced in non-English Web queries and to suggest(More)
This paper presents e-Snakes and Ladders (e-S&L), a game-based educational environment for portable devices. The e-S&L is based on the classic table game " Snakes and Ladders " and enriches the table game with various types of activities like Questions&Answers and Web-Quests. It provides a pleasant e-learning environment with an easy to use authoring tool(More)