Fotis Gonidis

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Growing interest towards cloud application platforms has resulted in a large number of platform offerings to be already available on the market and new related products to be continuously launched. However, there are a number of challenges that prevent cloud application platforms from becoming widely adopted. One such challenge is application portability.(More)
Cloud application platforms gain popularity and have the potential to alter the way service based cloud applications are developed involving utilisation of platform basic services. A platform basic service is considered as a piece of software, which provides certain functionality and is usually offered via a web API, e.g. e-mail, payment, authentication(More)
Cloud application platforms gain popularity and have the potential to change the way applications are developed, involving composition of platform basic services. In order to enhance the developer’s experience and reduce the barriers in the software development, a new paradigm of cloud application creation should be adopted. According to that developers are(More)
Cloud Computing provides simplicity to its consumers by saving them the efforts to deal with their own infrastructure, environments or software. This simplicity relies on the shifting of problems from the client to the provider, introducing new paradigms (virtualization, scalability, flexibility, pay-per-use, etc.). This simplicity comes with a price for(More)
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