Fotini Papachristou

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OBJECTIVE To understand and delineate the nature and level of DNA damage in association to semen parameters in infertile men. DESIGN A prospective experimental study. SETTING Alexandroupolis University General Hospital. PATIENT(S) Eleven fertile and 27 infertile men with various types of infertility. INTERVENTION(S) DNA damage was induced by(More)
Melatonin (MLT) is a natural oncostatic factor of the human body as well as an antioxidant thus protects the nuclear DNA from oxidative damage. It also has the ability to reduce the side effects of various drugs when used as a combination therapy. The anti-neoplastic agent melphalan (MEL), which encompasses a number of side effects, is a strong alkylating(More)
BACKGROUND In this experimental study, we investigated the possibility of bacterial translocation, constituting a potential cause of infectious complications, after performing large volume hepatic radiofrequency ablation (RFA). MATERIALS AND METHODS Wistar rats were subjected to RFA of the left median liver lobe (approximately 28.5% of the liver volume)(More)
AIM To evaluate the genetic instability of 11 fertile and 25 infertile men. METHODS The methodology of sister chromatid exchanges (SCEs) was applied to cultures of peripheral blood lymphocytes, and the levels of SCEss were analyzed as a quantitative index of genotoxicity, along with the values of the mitotic index (MI) and the proliferation rate index(More)
Cytochrome P450 (P450) enzymes metabolize the membrane lipid arachidonic acid to stable biologically active epoxides [eicosatrienoic acids (EETs)] and 20-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid (20-HETE). These products have cardiovascular activity, primarily acting as vasodilators and vasoconstrictors, respectively. EET formation can be increased by the prototype(More)
OBJECTIVE Modifications in E-cadherin (E-Cad) expression are associated with dedifferentiation, progression, metastases and poor prognosis in many types of tumors. The aim of the present study was to identify a potential association of the pre- and post-operative soluble E-Cad levels (sE-Cad) with the clinicopathological parameters of patients with gastric(More)
Food safety organizations indicate the likelihood of constant human and animal exposure to mycotoxin mixtures as a possible negative public health impact. Risk assessment demonstrates that certain mycotoxins of Aspergillus and Penicillium spp. are toxic and hold a significant genotoxic efficacy at nanomolar concentrations. The aim of the current study was(More)
CRH receptors are expressed in human and rat liver. The current study investigated the biological role of the CRH system in the hepatocellular apoptotic process and aimed to reveal the responsible molecular mechanisms. Using a rat experimental model of common bile duct surgical ligation leading to obstructive jaundice and cholestasis, liver apoptosis was(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this experimental study was to investigate the role of apigenin in liver apoptosis, in an experimental model of hepatic ischemia-reperfusion in rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty-eight Wistar rats (apigenin and control groups), 14 to 16 weeks old and weighing 220 to 350 g, were used. They were all subjected to hepatic ischemia by(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies state that a test of severity early in the course of acute pancreatitis is still needed. In this prospective study, an assay of the biomarkers M30 and M65 as well as of interleukin 17 (IL-17) is investigated. METHODS One hundred and fifty patients and 70 controls were evaluated. The prognostic value of M30, M65 and their ratio(More)