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INTRODUCTION Patients who suffer from chronic renal disease face problems in many aspects of their life; problems such as physical and social as well as mental such as stress, anxiety, depression. In addition, they exhibit an amount of spiritual needs, which relate and influence the psychological adaptation to the illness. AIM The aim of this article is(More)
Introduction: Alzheimer's disease is an age-related neurodegenerative disorder with progressive loss of cognitive function and other manifestations in the central nervous system. It has been found that 45% of patients exhibit sleep disorders. Purpose: This study aims to describe the role and effects of melatonin levels in Alzheimer's disease. Methods: In a(More)
BACKGROUND According to World Health Organization (WHO), spirituality is an important domain of quality of life especially in terminal, life threatens chronic diseases. For many people spirituality and religion are not just very important dimensions of their existence, but also a source of support that contributes to wellbeing and coping with everyday(More)
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