Fosun Baloş Törüner

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BACKGROUND/AIMS The epidemiology of Graves' orbitopathy (GO) may be changing. The aim of the study was to identify trends in presentation of GO to tertiary centres and initial management over time. METHODS Prospective observational study of European Group On Graves' Orbitopathy (EUGOGO) centres. All new referrals with a diagnosis of GO over a 4-month(More)
Tamoxifen has been used for a long time as a hormonal treatment in breast cancer. Recent studies in pre and postmenopausal women have shown that tamoxifen exhibits favorable effects on the lipid profile. In this study we investigated the effects of tamoxifen on lipid profile and hepatic steatosis. Fifty two (31 postmenopausal and 21 premenopausal) women(More)
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