Foster I Brown

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Aim The accurate mapping of forest carbon stocks is essential for understanding the global carbon cycle, for assessing emissions from deforestation, and for rational land-use planning. Remote sensing (RS) is currently the key tool for this purpose, but RS does not estimate vegetation biomass directly, and thus may miss significant spatial variations in(More)
Some coupled land-climate models predict a dieback of Amazon forest during the twenty-first century due to climate change, but human land use in the region has already reduced the forest cover. The causation behind land use is complex, and includes economic, institutional, political and demographic factors. Pre-eminent among these factors is road building,(More)
1 Introduction Research on fire is often of an applied nature, addressing questions of how to manage landscapes for fire, how to determine fire danger, how to model fire behavior, fire impacts and post-fire succession (Martell 2001; Chuvieco 2003). This in part reflects the desire of the fbnding agencies to maximize the benefits from the large amounts of(More)
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