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A PARRNe 1 experiment (Production d’Atomes Radioactifs Riches en Neutrons) aimed at the production of neutron-rich radioactive noble gases produced by photofission has been performed at CERN. The LEP Pre-Injector (LPI) has been used to deliver a 50 MeV electron beam. The results obtained show clearly that the use of an electron beam to produce neutron-rich(More)
The Production of neutron-rich radioactive nuclei through fission is currently prime of research interest for the future radioactive beam facilities. For example in the EURISOL[1] project, photo-fission and fast neutron induced fission are proposed. The photo-fission cross-section for U is about 0.16 barn (against 1.6 barn for fast neutrons of 40 MeV) but(More)
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The ALTO facility at IPN Orsay is based on a linear electron accelerator (50 MeV, 10μA) dedicated to the production of neutron rich radiactive beams by photofission of a thick uranium carbide target paced on an ISOL line. The construction of the facility has ended in december 2005 and the first on-line tests have been carried out in mid-2006. The production(More)
Yields of neutron-rich isotopes produced by fast neutron induced fission of U were measured at the ISOL set-up Production d Atomes Radioactifs Riches en Neutrons. A surface ion source was used to ionize selectively elements with low ionization potentials. In order to observe also the most n-rich isotopes, the identification was achieved by a combined(More)
In the framework of the PARRNe program (Production d Atomes Radioactifs Riches en Neutrons) of IPN Orsay, various techniques are currently used to characterize the release properties of elements of interest from a UCX target. On-line studies have been carried out with two plasma ion sources: a Nier–Bernas and a hot plasma ISOLDE-type (the ISOLDE(More)