Fortune S. Mhlanga

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BACKGROUND Preparing healthcare students for quality and service improvement is important internationally. A United Kingdom (UK) initiative aims to embed service improvement in pre-registration education. A UK university implemented service improvement teaching for all nursing students. In addition, the degree pathway students conducted service improvement(More)
This paper proposes a new approach to modeling documents in a personal office environment. The proposed document model (called the g_modei ) combines the relational and object-oriented paradigms and adopts a very natural view for describing the office documents. Documents are grouped into classes. Each class is characterized by a frame template, which(More)
Computer science programs at small, liberal arts universities often have difficulty with effectively managing change, and attracting and retaining top students and faculty. They also sometimes struggle to provide a relevant and appealing curriculum while maintaining an appropriate level of academic rigor. This paper presents a restructuring of our(More)
This paper presents our approach to implementing structures that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship behaviors within the Lipscomb University student population. An early step in this process is presented in this paper: extending our undergraduate Information Technology (IT) curriculum with a concentration on entrepreneurship. Specifically, the paper(More)
Career opportunities in information security related fields are growing, and degree granting college programs are being created or modified to meet this increased industry demand. Paradoxically, many employers prefer either to not hire entry-level information security candidates or to require extensive experience for information security positions. While(More)