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PURPOSE We conducted phantom studies to investigate whether overlapping cross-sections and volumetric scoring would significantly improve interscan reproducibility of electron beam tomography (EBT) for coronary artery calcium quantification. METHOD Fifteen phantoms simulating various amounts of coronary calcification were scanned in five different(More)
34 chronically schizophrenic persons were matched with 34 healthy control participants according to age, level of education, and sex and received memory tests (short-term, priming, working, prospective, episodic, source and semantic long-term memory) and tests of attention and intelligence. Patients performed worse on all tests. The patients' memory(More)
Es wird über Stoffwechsel und feingewebliche Untersuchungen der Muskulatur beimSudeckschen Syndrom berichtet. Mit den verschiedenen Untersuchungsmethoden wurden Ergebnisse gewonnen, die zu der Annahme berechtigen, daß die Erkrankung von vornherein in zwei verschiedenen Richtungen verlaufen kann.
Sixty-nine children with hemophilia were treated in our center between 1968 and 1983. About 1 per cent of hemorrhagic complications were bleedings localized in the iliopsoas muscle of 12 patients ranging in age from 9 to 15 years. The typical sign of the bleeding is a tight, palpable tumour above the inguinal fold. Today mass bleedings of the muscle with(More)
The author in his present paper discusses traumatic cerebral pressure crises with particular reference to the aggregate of symptoms involved, the therapy to be employed, and the results of treatment obtained. So far as measurements of the pressure of liquor are concerned, single measurements were found to yield reliable values in rare cases only. On the(More)