Forrest Walker

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OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to retrospectively evaluate the performance of triphasic CT enterography and identify causes of false-negative CT results in hemodynamically stable patients with suspected gastrointestinal bleeding. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective review of 48 patients (male-female ratio, 22:26) with suspected(More)
Glycopyrrolate, a quaternary ammonium anticholinergic compound is a potentially useful bronchodilator. To determine the efficacy, optimal dose, and duration of action of inhaled glycopyrrolate, we gave the drug to 11 asthmatic patients. Each subject received placebo or glycopyrrolate (100, 200, 600, or 1,200 micrograms) by inhalation in a double-blind,(More)
This study documents that ethnomedical beliefs and practices play an important role in primary care in a southern community. Thirty-three of 73 patients from a rural Appalachian area coming to a university primary care internal medicine practice presented 54 ethnomedical complaints such as "high blood" (24.1%), "Weak 'n dizzy" (22.2%), "nerves" (16.7%),(More)
As part of a primary care internal medicine training program, a visiting clinician program was created to improve house staff education, provide an ongoing critique of the training program, and improve communication between program faculty and other institutions. Thirty-one visitors participated in the program during the two years covered by this report.(More)