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LDACS1 is a candidate for the future digital aeronautical communications system in L-band. As unused spectrum is very scarce in the L-band, LDACS1 pursues the approach to make use of the gaps between adjacent channels used by the distance measuring equipment (DME). This DME signal has a severe influence on the performance of LDACS1. In this paper, an(More)
The L-band Digital Aeronautical Communications System (LDACS) is the air-to-ground data link technology within the Future Communications Infrastructure (FCI). LDACS1 is one of two candidate LDACS technologies that have been recommended for further study by ICAO. In this paper, we assess the feasibility of a Europe-wide deployment of the LDACS1 system. For(More)
The recent advances in high performance computing, storage and networking technologies have enabled fundamental changes in current climate research. While sharing datasets and results is already common practice in climate modeling, direct sharing of the analysis and visualization process is also becoming feasible. We report our efforts to develop a(More)
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