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— Recent advances in automotive technology, such as, sensing and onboard computation, have resulted in the development of adaptive cruise control (ACC) algorithms that improve both comfort and safety. With a view towards developing advanced controllers for ACC, this paper presents an experimental platform for validation and demonstration of an online(More)
A dynamic model of a jump glider is presented and correlated with the results obtained with a prototype glider. The glider uses a carbon fiber spring and a main wing that pivots approximately parallel to the airflow during ascent and latches into place for a gliding descent. The robot demonstrates longer traveled distance than an equivalent drag-free(More)
An electrostatic cryogenic storage ring, CSR, for beams of anions and cations with up to 300 keV kinetic energy per unit charge has been designed, constructed, and put into operation. With a circumference of 35 m, the ion-beam vacuum chambers and all beam optics are in a cryostat and cooled by a closed-cycle liquid helium system. At temperatures as low as(More)
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