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进一步明确母代高脂肪饮食对母鼠和子代成年雄 鼠的葡萄糖稳态的潜在影响。 将母代大鼠及其子代雄鼠(断奶后70 天)分为 对照组和高脂组,检测其血液代谢参数并进行腹 腔内葡萄糖耐受试验。 长期母代高脂肪饮食可能诱导母鼠的胰岛素抵 抗,并改变子代的神经内分泌系统编程。
Early stressful experiences may predispose organisms to certain disorders, including those of metabolic defects. This study aimed to explore the effects of early life stress on pancreatic insulin secretion and glucose transporter 2 (GLUT2) protein levels in stressed young adult male rats. Foot shock stress was induced in early life (at 2 weeks of age)(More)
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