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This paper presents the results of two studies into electronic book production. The Visual Book study [1] explored the importance of the visual component of the book metaphor for the production of more effective electronic books, while the WEB Book study [2] took the findings of the Visual Book and applied them to the production of books for publication on(More)
This paper reports on a usability evaluation of BoBIs (Back-of-the-book Indexes) as searching and browsing tools in an e-book environment. This study employed a task-based approach and within-subject design. The retrieval performance of a BoBI was compared with a ToC and Full-Text Search tool in terms of their respective effectiveness and efficiency for(More)
This paper describes a series of three evaluations of electronic textbooks on the Web, which focused on assessing how appearance and design can affect users' sense of engagement and directness with the material. The EBONI Project's methodology for evaluating electronic textbooks is outlined and each experiment is described, together with an analysis of(More)
This paper considers the EBONI (Electronic Books ON-screen Interface) Project's research into the importance of the user when designing electronic textbooks [1]. The results of the Visual Book (Landoni, 1997) and the WEB Book (Wilson, 1999) experiments, which explored design aspects of ebooks and provide a backdrop to EBONI's research, are presented.(More)