Fontaine Richardson

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The activity centered around the TX-2 computer at Lincoln Laboratory in the 1960's laid the foundation for much of HCI. Through the use of archival film footage, and live presentations by some of the key protagonists, this panel is intended to contribute to a more general awareness of this work, its historical importance to HCI, and its relevance to(More)
This paper discusses the changes in perspective brought about by the migration of Design Automation tools from the drafting and layout departments upstream to the electronic design engineer. Criteria are suggested for selecting among this new breed of computer-aided engineering (CAE) workstations. A brief description introduces the driving forces behind(More)
Measurements were made of growth, pigmentation, photosynthesis, respiration, quinone Hill reaction, cell morphology, and structure as a function of growth light intensity for various algae. These processes showed varying degrees of dependency upon light intensity and are discussed with reference to algal classification. Eighteen algae, examples from 10(More)
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