Floyd R. Domer

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The 2-[14C]deoxyglucose method was used to examine the effects of acute intravenous administration of cocaine on local cerebral glucose utilization in rats. These effects were correlated with the effects of cocaine on locomotor activity assessed simultaneously in the same animals. At the lowest dose of cocaine, 0.5 mg/kg (1.47 mumol/kg), alterations in(More)
This study describes the localization of endothelin-1-, vasopressin- and substance P-like immunoreactivity in a subpopulation of endothelial cells of the basilar and posterior communicating arteries of the (i) normal rabbit brains and (ii) rabbit brains perfused with a perfluorocarbon emulsion (PFC). Following perfusion with the PFC at increased flow the(More)
The cerebral vasculature of five anaesthetised rabbits was perfused with a perfluorocarbon emulsion via the internal carotid arteries, and the effluent from the jugular veins analysed for ATP, substance P (SP), endothelin (ET) and arginine vasopressin (AVP). Viability of the preparation was monitored periodically by the electrocorticogram, oxygen uptake,(More)
BACKGROUND Although students develop experience in integrating clinical and basic scientific knowledge, it may be difficult for them to do so in patient management. Formalized instructions using case discussions that involve the integration of basic science concepts may facilitate their incorporation into practice. METHODS Third-year surgical clerkship(More)
This is the first study to examine psychological and behavioral variables in nonhospitalized college females with subclinical anorexia nervosa (AN) as compared to healthy college females of comparable body mass (i.e., body mass index (BMI)<19). Participants who met all DSM-IV [Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 4th ed. (1994).(More)
Using bilateral carotid artery occlusion in adult gerbils we examined the effects of ischemia and ischemia/reperfusion on cerebral phospholipid content and Na+,K+-ATPase (EC activity. In contrast to the large changes in phospholipid content and membrane-bound enzyme activity that have been observed in liver and heart tissues, we observed relatively(More)