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PURPOSE To investigate the potential gain of the concomitant use of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in improving local control and reducing the need for colostomy, a randomized phase III trial was performed in patients with locally advanced anal cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS From 1987 to 1994, 110 patients were randomized between radiotherapy alone and a(More)
We propose that the antecedent of a donkey pronoun takes scope over and binds the donkey pronoun, just like any other quantificational antecedent would bind a pronoun. We flesh out this idea in a grammar that compositionally derives the truth conditions of donkey sentences containing conditionals and relative clauses, including those involving modals and(More)
This paper discusses three potential varieties of update: updates to the common ground, structuring updates, and updates that introduce discourse referents. These different types of update are used to model different aspects of natural language phenomena. Not-at-issue information directly updates the common ground. The illocutionary mood of a sentence(More)
This paper examines how intonation affects the interpretation of disjunctive questions. The semantic effect of a question is taken to be threefold. First, it raises an issue. In the tradition of inquisitive semantics, we model this by assuming that a question proposes several possible updates of the common ground (several possibilities for short) and(More)
About this document These are lecture notes for a course on inquisitive semantics at NASSLLI 2012. The current document contains the first six sections of the lecture notes. Two further sections will be added during the course. Comments of any kind are of course more than welcome. The most recent version of the notes will be posted on the course website: