Florinda Pozzi

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of a new antipsychotic compound on negative symptoms and cognitive deficit in schizophrenia. Psychiatric symptoms and cognition were assessed in 25 patients with schizophrenia, at baseline and after they had taken risperidone for 4 weeks. The Positive and Negative Symptoms Scale (PANSS), the Wisconsin Card(More)
Staphylococcus aureus is one of the most important causes of mastitis in dairy cattle. Based on previous research, Staph. aureus genotypes with different pathogenic and contagious properties can cause intramammary infection (IMI) and coexist in the same herd. Our study aimed to compare Staph. aureus strains from herds that differed in IMI prevalence using(More)
Thirty patients suffering from dysthymic disorder participated in a 6-week double-blind trial comparing ritanserin 10 mg and placebo. After a single-blind placebo wash-out period of one week, the test medication was administered during 5 weeks on a double-blind basis. Twenty-three patients completed the study. At the end of the trial, ritanserin was(More)
We report the development of a PCR-single strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) method to identify Prototheca spp. responsible for bovine mastitis: P. zopfii and P. blaschkeae. The method was set up using reference strains belonging to P. zopfii genotype 1, P. zopfii genotype 2, and P. blaschkeae as target species and P. stagnora, and P. ulmea as negative(More)
AIMS To define the prevalence of mental disorder within an Italian local jail and to describe main psychiatric treatments provided. METHODS Cross-sectional study of consecutive male prisoners referred, over a twenty-month period, for a clinical psychiatric assessment, among population (N = 990) of Casa circondariale "Torre del Gallo", Pavia (I); clinical(More)
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