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Bioinformatics tools for metabolomic data processing and analysis using untargeted liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry.
The accurate identification of metabolites and their involvement in metabolic networks and pathways became possible by well-established databases (HMDB, LIPID MAPS, KEGG, etc.), to validate all experimental data. Expand
The decrease of some serum free amino acids can predict breast cancer diagnosis and progression
Arginine, Alanine, Isoleucine, Tyrosine and Tryptophan were identified as being good potential discriminants (AUROC ≥0.85) and suitable candidates to diagnose and predict the breast cancer progression. Expand
Comparative Phenolic Fingerprint and LC-ESI+QTOF-MS Composition of Oregano and Rosemary Hydrophilic Extracts in Relation to their Antibacterial Effect
Rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis ) and oregano ( Origanum vulgare ) are known aromatic plants used as spice, with good flavoring, preservative, antioxidant and antibacterial activity. Beside theirExpand
Characterisation of an Aromatic Plant-based Formula using UV-Vis Spectroscopy, LC–ESI(+)QTOF-MS and HPLC-DAD Analysis
Abstract. It is known for a long time that seasoning/condimentary herbs have antioxidant activity and antibacterial properties, being good natural alternatives for disease prevention. The differentExpand
Serum metabolomics can predict the outcome of first systematic transrectal prostate biopsy in patients with PSA <10 ng/ml.
Metabolomic analysis can predict the outcome of the first systematic biopsy with good accuracy for the prediction of PCa at biopsy. Expand
Lyso‐phosphatidylcholine: A potential metabolomic biomarker for alcoholic liver disease?
It is hypothesized that LYPC may be a biomarker for severity and short-term prognosis in patients with ALD and had a good inverse correlation with Model for End-Stage Liver Disease. Expand
LC-QTOF-ESI(+)/MS metabolomic profile analysis applied to identify blood biomarkers of benign hyperplasia and prostate cancer.
By using larger patient cohorts and optimizing the data processing and chemometric analysis, more reliable biomarkers for prostate hyperplasia and cancer can be discovered and quantified. Expand
Metabolomics for genomics: the role of vitamin D in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
Preparation and Comparative Characterization of Alginate-Made Microcapsules and Microspheres Containing Tomato, Seabuckthorn Juices and Pumpkin Oil
Recent studies have shown the benefits of tomatoes, seabuckthorn juices and pumpkin oil, rich in bioactives with antioxidant capacity, in the prevention of prostate diseases. To stabilize theirExpand
UPLC-QTOF (ESI +) MS Analysis Applied for Targeted Profiling of Human Urine Amino Acids
Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins are providing fundamental information about metabolic status and early disease diagnosis. For an accurate interpretation of metabolic status, amino acidExpand