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Background & Aims The purpose of the study is to evaluate the accuracy of the C/RL, RPN, and EGF in diagnosing cirrhosis. Methods The study population included 95 cirrhotic patients in the cirrhosis group (56 men, 39 women, age range 14-76;mean age 52.3) and 57 subjects in the control group (26 men, 31 women, age range 18-83;mean age 51). All MR(More)
BACKGROUND Several risk scores were developed for acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients, but their use is limited by their complexity. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to identify predictors at admission for in-hospital mortality in ACS patients in western Romania, using a simple risk-assessment tool - the new Canada acute coronary syndrome (C-ACS)(More)
Q fever urban sporadic cases in Romania in the 1981-87 period are reviewed as concerns their incidence, seasonality and epidemiological data. Urban cases represented 76.8% as against 23.2% rural cases from the 134 Q fever sporadic cases detected in this period. Cases were distributed throughout all months with peaks during April (18.4% of cases) and June(More)
Complement fixation (CF) and passive hemagglutination (PHA) tests (the latter with a M. pneumoniae antigen coupled by glutaraldehyde onto red blood cells) were performed in 263 patients with various infectious diseases (mostly in the 1st and 2nd week after onset) and non-infectious ones. CF reaction proved to be inappropriate for the early etiological(More)