Florin Stoican

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Positive invariance is a common analysis and control design tool for systems affected by constraints and disturbances. The present paper revisits the construction of ǫ-approximations of minimal robust positive invariant sets proposing contractive procedures in the cases of switching between different sets of disturbances and the inclusion of a predefined(More)
— The current paper addresses the problem of optimizing a cost function over a non-convex and possibly non-connected feasible region. A classical approach for solving this type of optimization problem is based on Mixed integer technique. The exponential complexity as a function of the number of binary variables used in the problem formulation highlights the(More)
— This paper considers the collision avoidance problem in a multi-agent multi-obstacle framework. The originality in solving this intensively studied problem resides in the proposed geometrical view combined with differential flatness for trajectory generation and B-splines for the flat output parametriza-tion. Using some important properties of these(More)
— In this paper we provide a robust positive invariance (RPI) over-approximation of the minimal RPI (mRPI) set associated for linear dynamics with zonotopic disturbances. We prove that the RPI construction converges toward the mRPI set and its conservatism diminishes monotonically with respect to the complexity of the representation (a " tightness "(More)
— This paper proposes an interval observer-based actuator fault detection and isolation (FDI) approach. An interval observer matching the healthy system mode is designed to monitor the system. When the system is in different modes, state or output interval vectors predicted by the interval observer manifest different dynamical behaviors. To guarantee(More)