Florin Stoican

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Positive invariance is a common analysis and control design tool for systems affected by constraints and disturbances. The present paper revisits the construction of ǫ-approximations of minimal robust positive invariant sets proposing contractive procedures in the cases of switching between different sets of disturbances and the inclusion of a predefined(More)
The last decade has seen the emergence of set-theoretic methods in fault detection and identification mechanisms. These techniques are seen as restrictive and mathematically challenging due to the strict conditions (e.g. signal boundedness) imposed for reactivity to faults by means of set separation. The present paper aims at implementing such methods to a(More)
In this paper, a fault detection and isolation (FDI) approach using a bank of interval observers is developed. From the methodological point of view, a bank of interval observers is designed according to different dynamical models of the system under different modes (healthy or faulty). Each interval observer matches one system mode while all the interval(More)
— This paper is concerned with the improved constraints handling in mixed-integer optimization problems. The novel element is the reduction of the number of binary variables used for expressing the complement of a convex (polytopic) region. As a generalization, the problem of representing the complement of a possibly non-connected union of such convex sets(More)
This paper addresses some alternatives to classical trajectory generation for an autonomous vehicle which needs to pass through a priori given way-points. Using differential flatness for trajectory generation and B-splines for the flat output parametrization, the current study concentrates on constraint relaxations and on obstacle avoidance conditions. The(More)