Florin Ratiu

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Spoken dialogue interfaces, mostly command-and-control, become more visible in applications where attention needs to be shared with other tasks, such as driving a car. The deployment of the simple dialog systems, instead of more sophisticated ones, is partly because the computing platforms used for such tasks have been less powerful and partly because(More)
We present an approach to dialogue management and interpretation that evaluates and selects amongst candidate dialogue moves based on features at multiple levels. Multiple interpretation methods can be combined, multiple speech recognition and parsing hypotheses tested, and multiple candidate dialogue moves considered to choose the highest scoring(More)
In this demonstration we present a conversational dialog system for automobile drivers. The system provides a voice-based interface to playing music, finding restaurants, and navigating while driving. The design of the system as well as the new technologies developed will be presented. Our evaluation showed that the system is promising, achieving high task(More)
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