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The mobile interaction in Cloud systems became a fancy behavior. Data processing on demand or data transfers requests are usually sporadic tasks. In a public environment like a Cloud, events are processed according to specific conditions. Each event has one ore more tasks that will be scheduled and executed in Cloud. This paper addresses the problem of(More)
This paper presents a high level architectural specification of MedioGRID, a research project aiming at implementing a real-time satellite image processing system for extracting relevant environmental and meteorological parameters on a grid system. The presentation focuses on the key architectural decisions of the GRID-aware satellite image processing(More)
Complex applications are describing using work-flows. Execution of these workflows in Grid environments require optimized assignment of tasks on available resources according with different constrains. This paper presents a decentralized scheduling algorithm based on genetic algorithms for the problem of DAG scheduling. The genetic algorithm presents a(More)
The open and decentralized nature of a peer-to-peer network makes it susceptible to intruders and malicious peers. As a result, it is required to offer a mechanism to rank the participants and to moderate the interactions between them according to this information. Moreover, several systems are totally organized according to participants ranks. This paper(More)
Recently a new Grid-based software platform was developed to allow remote sensing image processing for preventing disasters like river floods and forest fires. While several innovative components were presented in research papers in the last year, this paper presents a state-of-the-art of the whole platform and exposes the novelty elements that distinguish(More)
This paper presents a solution for real-time satellite image processing. The focus is on the detection of changes in MODIS images. We present a distributed algorithm for change detection which is based on extracting relevant parameters from MODIS spectral bands. The algorithm detects the changes between two images of the same geographical area at different(More)
The main result of this paper is that the kth continuous Hochschild cohomology groups Hk(M,M) and Hk(M, B(H)) of a von Neumann factor M ⊆ B(H) of type II1 with property Γ are zero for all positive integers k. The method of proof involves the construction of hyperfinite subfactors with special properties and a new inequality of Grothendieck type for(More)
A real challenge sits in front of the business solutions these days, in the context of the big amount of data generated by complex software applications: efficiently using the given limited resources to accomplish specific operations and tasks. Depending on the type of application dealing with, when trying to deliver a certain service in a specific time and(More)