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* email: florin.munteanu@bioinginerie.ro John Charnley was the first who introduced low friction arthroplasty concept. In November 1962, he implanted a hip prosthesis using a high density polyethylene (HDPE) cup, which articulated with a stainless steel femoral head of 22,25 mm diameter. The principle of the low friction arthroplasty has remained the same(More)
Phase-shifting interferometry (PSI) is the preferred non-contact method for profiling sub-nanometer surfaces. Based on monochromatic light interference, the method computes the surface profile from a set of interferograms collected at separate stepping positions. Errors in the estimated profile are introduced when these positions are not located correctly.(More)
The magnetophotoluminescence (MPL) behavior of a GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As single heterojunction has been investigated to 60T. We observed negatively charged singlet and triplet exciton states that are formed at high magnetic fields beyond the ν=1 quantum Hall state. The variation of the charged exciton binding energies are in good agreement with theoretical(More)
Iterative least square phase-measuring techniques address the phase-shifting interferometry issue of sensitivity to vibrations and scanner nonlinearity. In these techniques the wavefront phase and phase steps are determined simultaneously from a single set of phase-shifted fringe frames where the phase shift does not need to have a nominal value or be a(More)
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