Florin Lohan

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Networking of MPEG-4 content is the topic of ongoing standardization efforts in the ISO MPEG and IETF. In this paper, we describe a complete architecture for the transport of MPEG-4 content over the Internet. The MPEG-4 concept of separation between applications and delivery mechanism is preserved. The use of well-established Internet protocols, such as the(More)
Bandwidth is a scarce resource on the Internet. In today's applications, video streaming is an important multimedia application. Especially after the emergence of MPEG-4 video standard, video streaming applications are expected to grow [7]. But there is always a trade-off between quality of video and bandwidth allocation for video streaming over the(More)
In this paper we study the problem of how to maximize the throughput of the disk subsystem in a Video-on-Demand server based on a PC running Linux. The system also tries to minimize costs, so it is using ATA hard disks in a RAID configuration. A disk pump is responsible for retrieving high bandwidth streams (MPEG-2) from the storage subsystem. The disk pump(More)
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