Florin Leon

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An important issue in many multiagent systems is the way in which agents can be coordinated in order to perform different roles. This paper proposes a method by which the agents can self-organize based on the changes of their individual utilities. We assume that the tasks given to the agents have a number of attributes and complexity levels, and that the(More)
In this paper we describe the design of a multiagent system based on simple interaction rules that can generate different overall behaviours, from asymptotically stable to chaotic, verified by the corresponding largest Lyapunov exponent. We show that very small perturbations can have a great impact on the evolution of the system, and we investigate some(More)
Business agents have precise responsibilities assigned to organizational business roles. They collaborate and interact in order to achieve the business goals of the organization. The activity of business agents follows behavioral patterns that are specified according to the business rules of the organization. In this paper we present how business process(More)
The main focus of the paper is the stability analysis of a class of multiagent systems based on an interaction protocol which can generate different types of overall behaviours, from asymptotically stable to chaotic. We present several interpretations of stability and suggest two methods to assess the stability of the system, based on the internal models of(More)