Florin Dobrian

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As the distribution of the video over the Internet becomes main- stream and its consumption moves from the computer to the TV screen, user expectation for high quality is constantly increasing. In this context, it is crucial for content providers to understand if and how video quality affects user engagement and how to best invest their resources to(More)
Video traffic already represents a significant fraction of today's traffic and is projected to exceed 90% in the next five years. In parallel, user expectations for a high quality viewing experience (e.g., low startup delays, low buffering, and high bitrates) are continuously increasing. Unlike traditional workloads that either require low latency (e.g.,(More)
A parallel, fully coupled, nonlinearly implicit Newton-Krylov-Schwarz algorithm is proposed for the numerical simulation of a magnetic reconnection problem described by a system of resistive Hall magnetohydrodynamics equations in slab symmetry. A key component of the algorithm is a restricted additive Schwarz preconditioner defined for problems with doubly(More)
We discuss the design and implementation of new highly-scalable distributed-memory parallel algorithms for two prototypical graph problems, edge-weighted matching and distance-1 vertex coloring. Graph algorithms in general have low concurrency, poor data locality, and high ratio of data access to computation costs, making it challenging to achieve(More)
We discuss parallel algorithms for computing maximum matchings in bipartite graphs on multithreaded computers, reporting for the first time, good speedups for the maximum cardinality matching problem. Experiments with serial matching algorithms have shown that their performance is sensitive to the order in which vertices are processed. In the execution of a(More)
1 University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Computer Science, 430 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309, USA, serguei.ovtchinnikov@colorado.edu 2 Old Dominion University, Department of Computer Science, 3300 ECS Building, Norfolk, VA 23529, USA, dobrian@cs.odu.edu 3 University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Computer Science, 430 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309, USA,(More)