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To be competitive, manufacturing should adapt to changing conditions existing in the market. Besides the market-based challenges, manufacturing firms also need constantly to adapt to newly developed processes and technologies and to rapidly changing environmental protection regulations. Modern automated manufacturing systems need robotized(More)
In this paper, the basic aspects concerning image analysis and interpretation for signature analysis are presented. The first part of this paper analyses the most useful sets of region-and boundary features for shape description; such descriptors allow mapping the object space into the feature space which will be used in statistical pattern recognition for(More)
The paper describes a scientific project aiming to build up an R&D collaboration portal and communication platform for robot integration in on demand, flexible manufacturing structures and hands-on team training. The IRVIP platform is a software product designed to support multiple remote connections with a number of Adept Technology V+ robot-vision(More)
The chapter discusses the problem of robot cooperation for handling objects in service tasks, which use two or more robot arms. The robots' movement commands are synchronized by using I/O signals in order to allow the multi-robot system to handle heavy objects, which exceed the payload of one robot arm or to handle large objects that cannot be manipulated(More)