Florin A. Radu

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In this paper we analyze an Euler implicit-mixed finite element scheme for a porous media solute transport model. The transporting flux is not assumed given, but obtained by solving numerically the Richards equation, a model for sub-surface fluid flow. We prove the convergence of the scheme by estimating the error in terms of the discretization parameters.(More)
In this paper we analyze the convergence of a numerical scheme for a class of degenerate parabolic problems. Such problems are often used to model reactions in porous media, and involve a nonlinear, possibly vanishing diffusion. The scheme considered here involves the Kirchhoff transformation coupled with the regularization of the nonlinearity, and is based(More)
We performed a detailed study of the training effect in exchange biased CoO/Co bilayers. High-resolution measurements of the anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) display an asymmetry in the first magnetization reversal process and training in the subsequent reversal processes. Surprisingly, the AMR measurements as well as magnetization measurements reveal(More)