Florin A. Radu

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In this paper we analyze the convergence of a numerical scheme for a class of degenerate parabolic problems. Such problems are often used to model reactions in porous media, and involve a nonlinear, possibly vanishing diffusion. The scheme considered here involves the Kirchhoff transformation coupled with the regularization of the nonlinearity, and is based(More)
The variance of the advection-diffusion processes with variable coefficients is exactly decomposed as a sum of dispersion terms and memory terms consisting of correlations between velocity and initial positions. For random initial conditions, the memory terms quantify the departure of the preasymptotic variance from the time-linear diffusive behavior. For(More)
In this paper, we discuss some numerical schemes for an upscaled (core scale) model describing the transport, precipitation and dissolution of solutes in a porous medium. We consider two weak formulations, conformal and mixed. We discuss the time discretization in both formulations and prove the convergence of the resulting schemes. A numerical study is(More)