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Sorting data is an important problem for many applications. Parallel sorting is a way to improve sorting performance using more nodes or threads e.g. dividing data in more nodes and perform sorting in each node simultaneously or including more threads in process of sorting. It was experimented with one type of those sorting algorithms, namely the well-known(More)
Efficiently finding Web Services on the Web is a challenge research question in Service Oriented Architecture-SOA. Web services are becoming necessary part of the Semantic Web, and research on Semantic Web Services aims to automate their use. However, finding the adequate service for each individual user becomes a more and more demanding problem. In this(More)
The web pages of today strive to think out of the box by creating different look-and-feel for each particular user. Most of them still are a pure cast of HTML tags, however some web applications tend to organize their structure and content based on user access patterns. These systems are known as Adaptive web based systems. In this paper we present a(More)
Creating a presentation for the web that drastically differs from standard ones is still a challenge and represents a milestone for many research groups. Virtual university campuses together with virtual learning represent one of these challenges, because it fuses in-place learning with Virtual Learning or education. In this paper we present the in house(More)
In recent years, a substantial shift from the web of documents to the paradigm of web of data is witnessed. This is seen from the proliferation of massive semantic repositories such as Linked Open Data. Recommending and adapting resources over these repositories however, still represents a research challenge in the sense of relevant data aggregation, link(More)
Storage and file synchronisation is a common and important service provided by contemporary cloud providers and a new standard for file sharing and information storage among companies and individuals. However, choosing the right storage provider depends on many factors. This paper defines a set of important criteria to evaluate cloud storage providers and(More)
Tumor markers are substances, usually proteins that can be found in the blood, urine, stool, tumor tissue and more recently DNA changes, which are produced by the body in response to cancer growth. Thus far, more than 20 different tumor markers have been identified where some of them are specific for a particular type of cancer, while others are associated(More)
The expansion and ever evolving web makes it difficult to find relevant information that best fits user's intentions. This paper introduces development of hybrid approach that addresses the issue of collecting large knowledgebase by fusing the thematic or focused crawling methodologies, with adaptive and semantic web concepts. Focused crawling ensures the(More)
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