Floriano De Rango

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This paper presents two novel mechanisms for the OLSR routing protocol, aiming to improve its energy performance in Mobile ah-hoc Networks. Routing protocols over MANET are an important issue and many proposals have been addressed to efficiently manage topology information, to offer network scalability and to prolong network lifetime. However, few papers(More)
Energy awareness for computation and protocol management is becoming a crucial factor in the design of protocols and algorithms. On the other hand, in order to support node mobility, scalable routing strategies have been designed and these protocols try to consider the path duration in order to respect some QoS constraints and to reduce the route discovery(More)
In this paper we have carried out an accurate overview on Voice over IP QoS evaluation techniques. We have described in a detailed way the most important measurement methods that are subdivided in subjective and objective methods. Subjective measurements (e.g. Mean Opinion Score MOS) are the benchmark for objective methods, but they are slow, time consuming(More)
In last years, the challenge of providing end-to-end service where end-to-end forwarding paths do not exist is faced by the new emerging approach of Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs), that support interoperability of “regional networks” by accommodating long delay between and within regional networks, such as space communications, networking in(More)
This paper presents a novel Call Admission Control (CAC) algorithm based on the statistical multiplexing of VBR traffic. The proposed algorithm is called Statistical Multiplexing based on Discrete Bandwidth levels of GOP rate (SMDB) because the solution is based on the discretization of the GOP rate in a set of bandwidth levels and on the time(More)
In this paper, a quality-of-service (QoS) multicast routing protocol, i.e., the core-based tree based on heuristic genetic algorithms (GAs), has been implemented and applied over a high-altitude platform (HAP)-satellite platform. The proposed multicast routing algorithm is called the constrained costbandwidth-delay GA (CCBD-GA). To achieve a better(More)