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—In this paper, a GCAD-CAC (Greedy Choice with Bandwidth Availability aware Defragmentation) algorithm is proposed. It is able to guarantee respect for data flow delay constraints defined by three different traffic classes. To achieve good results, the algorithm tries to accept all the new requests, but when a higher priority request is received, a lower(More)
—Energy awareness for computation and protocol management is becoming a crucial factor in the design of protocols and algorithms. On the other hand, in order to support node mobility, scalable routing strategies have been designed and these protocols try to consider the path duration in order to respect some QoS constraints and to reduce the route discovery(More)
— This letter presents an analytical framework of the Cell Stay Time (CST) in wireless LAN environment. CST is an important parameter that can be used to estimate how long a mobile user will stay in a particular cell and how many cells he will probably visit during his call holding time. CST can be also used to make predictive advanced reservations. A(More)
—In this paper we propose a routing algorithm based on Swarm Intelligence studies. In particular, this algorithm is based on AntNet routing with the extensions of novel metrics for the multi-objective optimization, that are minimum hop count and traffic load balancing. In order to build an optimal solution, the proposed algorithm will make use of ANT agents(More)