Floriane Anstett-Collin

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Global sensitivity has mainly been analyzed in static models, though most physical systems can be described by differential equations. Very few approaches have been proposed for the sensitivity of dynamic models and the only ones are local. Nevertheless, it would be of great interest to consider the entire uncertainty range of parameters since they can vary(More)
A new adaptive synchronization scheme achieving a joint state and parameter estimation is proposed as an alternative to the well-known Extended Kalman Filter based on a first order approximation. It involves a polytopic observer which does no longer require a linearization. The resulting adap-tive synchronization is global and holds for a large class of(More)
When a vehicle equipped with tire is manoeuvred on the ground, the tires are submitted to a number of forces – longitudinal force when driving or braking torque is applied to the wheel and/or lateral force when the wheel is steered to turn at a corner. Pacejka model describes these forces that represent the reaction of the road onto the tire. This nonlinear(More)
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