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Firms can now serve personalized recommendations to consumers who return to their website, based on their earlier browsing history on that website. At the same time, online advertising has greatly advanced in its use of external browsing data across the web to target internet ads. 'Dynamic Retargeting' integrates these two advances, by using information(More)
With a 41-society sample of 9990 managers and professionals, we used hierarchical linear modeling to investigate the impact of both macro-level and micro-level predictors on subordinate influence ethics. While we found that both macro-level and micro-level predictors contributed to the model definition, we also found global agreement for a subordinate(More)
Advancements in information technology have changed the way customers experience a service encounter and their relationship with service providers. Especially technology-based self-service channels have found their way into the 21 st century service economy. While research embraces these channels for their cost-efficiency, it has not examined whether a(More)
In this paper, we examine the effects of a customer's relationship duration, customer satisfaction and revealed past behavior on the purchase amount of core services and up-buying in the airline industry. We formulate research hypotheses and test them via a panel analytic regression model using longitudinal data from the frequent flyer program of a major(More)
In this paper, we investigate the effects of societal values and life stage on subordinate influence ethics. Based on the evolving crossvergence theory of macro-level predictors of values evolution, we demonstrate the applicability of crossvergence theory in the micro-level context. Furthermore, our study provides the first empirical multi-level analysis of(More)