Florian van Leeuwen

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In the dorsal and ventral portions of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis of the rat numerous cell bodies immunoreactive for vasopressin and neurophysin II were found after colchicin pretreatment. These cells are predominantly multipolar but sometimes also bipolar, and have a width and length of approximately 9 and 16 microns, respectively. In the(More)
Pride occurs in every known culture, appears early in development, is reliably triggered by achievements and formidability, and causes a characteristic display that is recognized everywhere. Here, we evaluate the theory that pride evolved to guide decisions relevant to pursuing actions that enhance valuation and respect for a person in the minds of others.(More)
Although specificity is generally given as the main characteristic for immunocytolchemical staining (ICC), it becomes more and more clear that nonspecific staining is a major problem in these techniques. The most used criterion for specificity is the absorption test in which the antmserum, witholut any further characterization, is absorbed to) the(More)
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