Florian Zeiger

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Mobile robots provide a motivating basis for hardware experiments in kinematics, dynamics, and control topics. A suitable infrastructure is to be established in order to offer a worldwide user community of students' access to the mobile robots via Internet. Functionalities in the area safety, user-management, hardware interfaces, and constraints related to(More)
Modern applications of mobile robot teams or robot teleoperation often demand wireless any-to-any communication in combination with highly dynamical network topologies to accomplish more and more complex tasks. Nowadays, often WLAN is used to provide wireless communication for prototype system, for research testbeds, and also for commercial and industrial(More)
The number of smart things is growing exponentially. By 2020, tens of billions of things will be deployed worldwide, collecting a wealth of diverse data. Traditional computing models collect in-field data and then transmit it to a central data center where analytics are applied to it, but this is no longer a sustainable model. New approaches and new(More)
With anticipated exponential growth of connected devices, future industrial networks require an open solutions architecture facilitated by standards and a strong ecosystem. VirtuWind aims to develop and demonstrate an SDN and NFV ecosystem, based on an open, modular and secure framework. A prototype of the framework for intra-domain and interdomain(More)
Internet of Things (IoT) is a socio-technical phenomena with the power to disrupt our society such as the Internet before. IoT promises the (inter-) connection of myriad of things proving services to humans and machines. It is expected that by 2020 tens of billions of things will be deployed worldwide. It became evident that the traditional centralized(More)
This work describes a system demonstrator for environmental monitoring based on participatory sensing. Mobile environmental sensors carried by citizens are used to measure pollutant concentrations and provide this data to a Unified Sensing Platform. It demonstrates platform features like visualization of different pollution maps, enabling participatory(More)