Florian Winter

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Today's multimedia infrastructures adopt a centralized approach, where all multimedia processing takes place within a single system. The network is, at best, used for streaming data transmission. Since there is a strong trend towards networked systems, these traditional approaches are becoming obsolete. In contrast, the Network-Integrated Multimedia(More)
QPACE is a novel parallel computer which has been developed to be primarily used for lattice QCD simulations. The compute power is provided by the IBM PowerXCell 8i processor, an enhanced version of the Cell processor that is used in the Playstation 3. The QPACE nodes are interconnected by a custom, application optimized 3-dimensional torus network(More)
Today's multimedia environments are characterized by different stationary and a growing number of mobile devices , like PDAs or even mobile phones. To meet their requirements regarding configuration and adaptation, multi-media middleware systems often use a flexible flow graph based approach in which multimedia data is processed while flowing from sources(More)
Due to their inherent compliance, soft actuated joints are becoming increasingly important for robotic applications, especially when human-robot-interactions are expected. Several of these flexible actuators are inspired by biological models. One perfect showpiece for biomimetic robots is the spider leg, because it combines lightweight design and graceful(More)
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