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PURPOSE The deltoid ligament complex is known as medial stabilizer in the ankle against pronation/eversion. Lateral dual-ligament laxity often results in chronic ankle instability with recurring ankle sprain trauma. The goal of this study is to examine the lateral stabilizing role of the deltoid ligament complex against supination/inversion in case of(More)
Using venography as the reference procedure, this study examined the utility of fibrinogen I 125 scanning for the detection or demonstration of deep venous thrombosis. The results demonstrate the inability of leg scanning to detect accurately the presence or absence of thrombi in the deep venous system. Most striking was the lack of sensitivity of this(More)
Mycotoxicosis is a term used to define a toxic reaction due to the ingestion of toxins produced by fungi. Oral ingestion, however, may not be the sole means of exposure. We have recently observed ten patients who had inhaled massive amounts of fungi, which resulted in an apparent toxic pulmonary reaction. Immunologic studies showed no sensitivity to various(More)
Preference SQL is a declarative extension of standard SQL by strict partial order preferences, behaving like soft constraints under the BMO query model. Preference queries can be formulated intuitively following an inductive constructor-based approach. Both qualitative methods like e.g. Pareto / skyline and quantative methods like numerical ranking,(More)