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We describe a portable diode-laser-based sensor for NH(3) detection using vibrational overtone absorption spectroscopy at 1.53 mum. Use of fiber-coupled optical elements makes such a trace gas sensor rugged and easy to align. On-line data acquisition and processing requiring <30 s can be performed with a laptop PC running LabVIEW software. The gas sensor(More)
Measurements of NH(3) and CO(2) were made in bioreactor vent gases with distributed-feedback diode-laser sensors operating near 2 mum. Calculated spectra of NH(3) and CO(2) were used to determine the optimum transitions for interrogating with an absorption sensor. For ammonia, a strong and isolated absorption transition at 5016.977 cm(-1) was selected for(More)
We combine suspended-core microstructured optical fibers with the photoinduced electron transfer (PET) effect to demonstrate a new type of fluorescent optical fiber-dip sensing platform for small volume ion detection. A sensor design based on a simple model PET-fluoroionophore system and small core microstructured optical fiber capable of detecting sodium(More)
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