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Three O2 dissociation curves from venous blood [taken at rest (A), after in vitro acidification with lactic acid (B), and after exhaustive exercise (C)] were determined in eight athletes twice in a year in detrained and fully trained state. The steepness of the standard O2 dissociation curve becomes greater during the training period (increase in Hill's n(More)
While a lot of papers on RoboCup's robotic 2D soccer simulation have focused on the players' offensive behavior, there are only a few papers that specifically address a team's defense strategy. In this paper, we consider a defense scenario of crucial importance: We focus on situations where one of our players must interfere and disturb an opponent ball(More)
For both sexes (7 males, 7 females) the fixed acid Bohr coefficient BCFA (delta PO2/deltapH) and the temperature coefficient TC (deltalogPO2/deltaT) were investigated in whole blood as function of oxygen saturation (SO2). BCFA which yielded maxima at midsaturation were generally lower at increased temperature (41 degrees C) and in females. Values for 50%(More)
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