Florian Thalmann

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This paper is about the Mobile Audio Ontology, a semantic audio framework for the design of novel music consumption experiences on mobile devices. The framework is based on the concept of the Dynamic Music Object which is an amalgamation of audio files, structural and analytical information extracted from the audio, and information about how it should be(More)
This paper introduces an extension of the Rubato Composer software’s BigBang rubette module for gestural composition. The extension enables composers and improvisers to operate BigBang using the Leap Motion controller, which uses two cameras to detect hand motions in threedimensional space. The low latency and high precision of the device make it a good fit(More)
Building on recent research in musical creativity and the composition process, this paper presents a specific practical application of our theory and software to sound design. The BigBang rubette module that brings gestural music composition methods to the Rubato Composer software was recently generalized in order to work with any kinds of musical and(More)
BACKGROUND The value of liver-directed therapy (LDT) in patients with metastasic renal cell carcinoma (MRCC) is still an active field of research, particularly in the era of tyrosinkinase inhibitor (TKI) therapy. METHODS The records of 35 patients with MRCC undergoing LDT of metastasic liver lesions between 1992 and 2015 were retrospectively analyzed.(More)
Dynamic music is gaining increasing popularity outside of its initial environment, the videogame industry, and is gradually becoming an autonomous medium. Responsible for this is doubtlessly the prevalence of integrated multisensory platforms such as smartphones as well as the omnipresence of the internet as a provider of content on demand. The music format(More)
We propose a music generation software that allows large numbers of users to collaborate. In a virtual world, groups of users generate music simultaneously at different places in a room. This can be realized using OpenAL sound sources. The generated musical pieces have to be modifiable while they are playing and all collaborating users should immediately(More)
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