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Bots are the root cause of many security problems on the Internet, as they send spam, steal information from infected machines, and perform distributed denial-of-service attacks. Many approaches to bot detection have been proposed, but they either rely on end-host installations, or, if they operate on network traffic, require deep packet inspection for(More)
1.1 Imidazole and histidine side chain force field atomic charges Table s1: Atomic charges of histidine side chain (HIS, from GROMOS96 53a6 1) and imidazole (IM) in different protonation states (Figure 4 main text). atom HIS IM HIS IM HIS IM HIS/IM 1.2 Contribution of bonded terms to deprotonation free energy of glu-tamic acid Table s2: Free energy of(More)
—Social networking platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have seen a significant increase in user population and user provided information. However, users are increasingly concerned about identity and data privacy since information is controlled by single companies. To address this issue researchers investigated alternative solutions, where the(More)
In decentralized dynamic networks such as peer-to-peer networks, it is difficult to authorize identities without a centralized authority, since a node interacts with nodes previously unknown to itself. To optimize the quality of experience and exclude malicious nodes from such networks, various trust and reputation systems (TRS) have been proposed.(More)
The IDKE protocol is a mechanism aiming to provide authentication and session-key establishment for mobile nodes after an inter domain handover. Credentials are forwarded from a previous access router to the new access router whereas initially no trust relationship exists. The IDKE protocol utilizes an IP based infrastructure to transfer a session-key due(More)
W ith this erratum, we correct an error in the expressions for V chem (λ 1 ,λ 2) (eqs 31 and 32) and V transf (λ 1 ,λ 2) (eq 33) for chemically coupled titrating sites, in the aforementioned paper (J. The correct expressions for V chem (λ 1 ,λ 2) are λ λ λ λ λ λ λ λ λ λ (,) (1)[(1) ] [(1) ] (,) chem 1 2 1 2 ref,00 2 ref,01 exp 1 2 ref,10 exp 2 ref,11 exp(More)
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