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Joel Slemrod, two anonymous referees, and numerous seminar participants for useful discussions and comments. helped us gather international top marginal tax rate data. We are very thankful to Miguel Ferreira for sharing the international CEO data from Fernandes, Ferreira, Matos, and Murphy (2013) with us. We acknowledge ˝nancial support from the Center for(More)
How are optimal taxes affected by superstar phenomena? To answer this question, we extend the Mirrlees model to incorporate an assignment problem in the labor market that generates superstar effects. Perhaps surprisingly, rather than providing a rationale for higher taxes, we show that superstar effects provide a force for lower marginal taxes conditional(More)
In the presence of a time-inconsistency problem with optimal agency contracts, we show that competitive markets implement allocations that Pareto dominate those achieved by a benevolent planner, they induce strictly more effort, and they sometimes make the commitment problem disappear entirely. In particular, we analyze a model with moral hazard and(More)
We develop a unifying framework for optimal income taxation in multi-sector economies with general patterns of externalities. Agents in this model are characterized by an N-dimensional skill vector corresponding to intrinsic abilities in N potentially externality-causing activities. The private return to each activity depends on individual skill and an(More)