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How are optimal taxes affected by superstar phenomena? To answer this question, we extend the Mirrlees model to incorporate an assignment problem in the labor market that generates superstar effects. Perhaps surprisingly, rather than providing a rationale for higher taxes, we show that superstar effects provide a force for lower marginal taxes conditional(More)
In vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) tracking of participants is an issue that is examined by many research groups. These groups came up with several different concepts of counter measures against tracking attacks. All of these presented techniques seem to offer a pretty good protection. We pick out two very promising concepts - the Mix Zones and the(More)
VANETs have the potential to dramatically increase road safety by giving drivers more time to react adequately to dangerous situations. To prevent abuse of VANETs, a security infrastructure is needed that ensures security requirements like message integrity, confidentiality, and availability. After giving more details on our security infrastructure we(More)
We study the effects of 'balance billing', i.e., allowing physicians to charge a fee from patients in addition to the fee paid by Medicare. First, we show that on pure efficiency grounds the optimal Medicare fee under balance billing is zero. An active Medicare policy thus can only be justified when distributional concerns are accounted for. Extending the(More)
We develop a unifying framework for optimal income taxation in multi-sector economies with general patterns of externalities. Agents in this model are characterized by an N-dimensional skill vector corresponding to intrinsic abilities in N potentially externality-causing activities. The private return to each activity depends on individual skill and an(More)
—Microcontrollers are used in many embedded systems. The reliability of these embedded systems is of great importance. Model checking is seen as a promising tool for the analysis of the corresponding software. For this purpose, an on-the-fly CTL model checker for microcontroller assembly code called [MC]SQUARE was developed at the RWTH Aachen University.(More)