Florian Scherb

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Well-resolved far-ultraviolet spectroscopic images of O I, S I, and previously undetected H ILyman-alpha emission from Io were obtained with the Hubble space telescope imaging spectrograph (STIS). Detected O I and S I lines (1250 to 1500 angstroms) have bright equatorial spots (up to 2.5 kilorayleighs) that shift position with jovian magnetic field(More)
Images of comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake) taken during its close approach to Earth show differences in the distribution of gas and dust in the inner coma and reveal two arc-shaped molecular resonant emission features. The morphology of these features, as well as the apparent decoupling gas from dust in the inner coma, suggest that an extended region of icy(More)
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