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This paper presents an approach to exploit the richer information of sensor data provided by 3d laser rangefinders for the purpose of person tracking. Introduced is a method to adapt the observation model of a particle filter, to identify partial and full occlusions of a person, to determine the amount of occlusion behind an obstacle, and the occluding(More)
The world population is growing rapidly. As a consequence increasingly more products of crop plants are needed. Here, plant breeding gains a special significance. The goal of plant breeding is to develop new cultivars that need less nutrients and at the same time are more resistent to diseases and pests. A deciding factor is the mapping from gene analysis(More)
We proposeanapproach to automated3Dreconstructionofplant archi-tecturef ollowedb yaprecise derivationo fp henotypict raits.W ea pplieda nd evaluated our approach within agrapevine phenotyping project.The reconstruction results andt he derivedp henotypict raits couldb es hownt ob ei nl inew ith given groundtruth data.Furthermore,our approach that combines(More)
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