Florian Roussel

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We study the P 4-tidy graphs, a new class defined by Rusu [30] in order to illustrate the notion of P 4-domination in perfect graphs. This class strictly contains the P 4-extendible graphs and the P 4-lite graphs defined by Jamison & Olariu in [19] and [23] and we show that the P 4-tidy graphs and P 4-lite graphs are closely related. Note that the class of(More)
We show that i-triangulated graphs can be colored in linear time by applying lexicographic breadth-first search (abbreviated LexBFS) and the greedy coloring algorithm. 1 LexBFS and greedy algorithm A graph is called i-triangulated if every odd cycle on five vertices or more contains at least two non-crossing chords. We are going to prove that the following(More)
The Strong Perfect Graph Conjecture (SPGC) was certainly one of the most challenging conjectures in graph theory. During more than four decades, numerous attempts were made to solve it, by combinatorial methods, by linear algebraic methods, or by polyhedral methods. The rst of these three approaches yielded the rst (and to date only) proof of the SPGC; the(More)