Florian Rossner

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BACKGROUND Hydroxyethylmethacrylate and ethylmethacrylate in a fixed combination with hyaluronic acid has been used as an injectable filler for nearly a decade. Severe adverse reactions have been associated with this filler. OBJECTIVE To characterize the adverse reactions to this filler. METHODS Data from the Berlin registry for adverse reactions to(More)
BACKGROUND Injectable fillers are widely used in aesthetic medicine. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a semipermanent filler that needs to be diluted with sterile water before injection. PLA has been associated with an increased risk of adverse reactions, specifically nodule formation. OBJECTIVE To describe adverse reactions to PLA and potential risk factors(More)
The project Pathowiki (www.pathowiki.org) is a free expert database for texts, images, virtual slides and links to all subject areas of pathology in the internet. The aim of this project is to integrate all available information and media, in particular virtual microscopy, to achieve a fast overview of a relevant subject area. Here we present the project’s(More)
PATHOWIKI (http://www.pathowiki.org) is a new specialized information system in the form of a web-based wiki with content from all sub-disciplines of human pathology. Essential components are articles and specimens which are located thematically in dermatopathology. The project is presented on the basis of impressive examples and possibilities. The ability(More)
The transcription factor YBX1 can act as a mediator of signals transmitted via the EGFR-RAS-MAPK axis. YBX1 expression has been associated with tumor progression and prognosis in multiple types of cancer. Immunohistochemical studies have revealed dependency between YBX1 expression and individual EGFR family members. We analyzed YBX1 and EGFR family proteins(More)